Monday, June 11, 2012

Bourjois Blushes

Wow, my first beauty post.  I never realized how much work beauty bloggers put into taking pictures and swatches of their haul.   I had the worse time with the swatches. I couldn't get my arm far enough for the camera to focus. Haha.

Anyhow, so here are the blushes.  They are both the same color, I just couldn't resist the cute Paris stickers so I had to buy both. The one on right has the Eifel Tower and the one on the left has a picture of the Opera National de Paris.  The color is called Rose D'Or, a very pretty bright pink with gold undertones.  I think this must be a special edition packaging because the rest of my purchases did not look so cute :)

I love the cute packaging from Bourjois. The compact comes with a mirror and a cute little brush that fits perfectly inside. 
Taken with natural light

Taken inside with a flash
Recently, Lola from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog told me that Bourjois is Chanel's baby.  I had never realized that but once she pointed it out, I could immediately see the similarities.  I thought just for fun, I would take pictures of them side by side.
The Chanel blush I have pictured here is #67 Rose Tourbillon. Side by side it's definitely brighter and instead of gold flecks, this blush has silver and pink flecks.  However, swatched - they look REALLY similar.

The swatch with the asterix is the Chanel Rose Tourbillon. 
Both blushes (Bourjois and Chanel) are  heavily perfumed, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I definitely prefer the smell of Chanel's Rose Tourbillion.   The Bourjois blush smells like perfume my grandmother used to wear, so I'm definitely not a fan.  I guess that's why I rarely use it ;)  The smell does not go away after I apply the blush.  

They are both definitely made in France at the same place (92299 Neuilly sure Seine) - which I thought was pretty cool.

Overall assessment: I have 3 of the same blushes.


  1. Awesome, Adelle. Excellent review, fantastic pictures, and an extraordinary comparison. It's so easy to see side by side that Bourjois is a product of Chanel!! I have Rose Tourbillon, but frankly the other two look as beautiful and appear to be of the same quality!!!

    1. Plus the Bourjois packaging is SUPER cute!!!

    2. Congratulations on your first beauty post! You should watermark your pictures-- otherwise somebody is going to steal these fabulous pictures, and this extraordinary comparison1


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