Friday, September 28, 2012

More swatches of BB Creams for NC30 - Hada Labo Emulsion Ochre , Hada Labo Moist in Ochre

Still going through all the BB creams that I can find to match darker skin tones that are without the grey tinge.  I don't want to look like death.

So here are the swatches of :

  1. Urban Decay Naked 4.0 (just for comparison sake)
  2. Haba Labo BB Emulsion in Natural Ochre
  3. Haba Labo Moist Natural Ochre
  4. FairyDrops Candybar BB Ochre
  5. FairyDrops Candybar BB in Light Ochre

The first picture is taken directly in outside sunlight - which I find true to color:

This was taken indoor with no flash :

Previous review and more pictures and swatches of Fairydrops here

Thoughts on Hada Labo:

  • Love that there is high SPF in the formula
  • Coverage is light to medium and evens out my skintone nicely but Fairydrops definitely has a higher coverage compared to Hada Labo
  • The wear on me is good for 4-6 hours, I definitely do need a face primer
  • The emulsion is great in the summer, has a nice dry texture to it and would be great for oily skin
  • The moist is very creamy perfect for dry winters
  • The color match is nice too - especially the emulsion version.  It's almost identical to the Urban Decay 4.0 Naked
  • I bought it through Amazon via Japanese sellers

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