Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elisha Coy Always Tattoo Dual Eyeliner

Testing out more Korean cosmetics...

 This is a dual tip liner, one side has a really fine tip liquid liner and the other side has a smudger with a really pretty metallic brown shadow. 
Swatches of the dark brown liner with the metallic brown shadow:
What I like:
1) I love the fine tip - you get lots of control and an amazingly precise (and thin) line. Makes lining right by the lash line a breeze.
2) This stuff is smudge proof, waterproof  - I never have to worry about racoon eyes.
3) I love the brown shadow that comes with it on the other side, the color is amazing and it allows you to soften the liquid liner for a more natural look.

What kind of scares me:
This stuff is so smudge proof and waterproof that I can't even remove it at the end of the day with my clinique dual phase eye makeup remover or face soap - haha, makes me wonder why...
They really mean it when they say "Always Tattoo".

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